A tool for Ridge Caps! Punch holes in the metal ridge cap and underlying metal panel for quicker, easier installation of fasteners.

1. Position ridge cap on peak.
2. Place Ridge-M over rib on metal roof.
3. Slide end of Ridge-M over edge of ridge cap.
4. Ensure proper ridge cap alignment before punching hole.
5. Hold Ridge-M in place; Hit pin with hammer.
6. Insert fastener and tighten securely.


The Ridge-M is another one of our essential metal roofing tools that builds upon the benefits of the Ridge-R3:10. Once the Ridge-R3:10 was in production, we knew there had to be more tools for metal roofing installation that would assist in installing metal roofing and siding. Having a tool to punch holes in the panels was great, but the ridge cap also requires a hole to help with the fasteners. Based on the Ridge–R3:10 idea, we came up with the idea of a single punch tool that would work on the ridge cap. Setting the Ridge-M over the rib on the steel and positioning the roofing punch on the ridge cap would allow a contractor to put a hole in both the cap and the underlying panel for the fastener to go thru. This keeps the fastener from wobbling and scratching the paint on the metal panels. A building 60-foot long requires 80-160 ridge cap fasteners. The Ridge-M can help you get the job done faster.