Use our brackets to create a high-quality roof shade. Keep roof and workers cooler for more workable hours.

1. Thread tubing together.
2. Mount base on roof as you would a roof jack.
3. Adjust angle to closest pitch.
4. Put pin through grommet hole of tarp; stretch bungee over pin.
5. Set pipe in ShingleShade base tube and tighten thumbscrew.
6. Mount bases 10’-12′ apart to match grommets. NOTE: Brackets attach near the eaves and peak.


Recommended for use with lightweight, white tarp purchased from your local supplier.

For anyone who has installed shingles on a roof, you know that working on a hot summer day has drawbacks. When the sun is up, and it’s getting hot, the roof can become very hot. The shingles will get soft from the heat, and walking on them will peel the stone from the shingle. When the shingles are soft, it isn’t easy putting in a full day of work on a roof. Many roofing jobs are started early morning and stopped once the sun is blazing.

When working on a roof, the shade is a blessing. Our research has shown that it’s 10-15 degrees cooler under a shaded area versus outside of it. You know that feeling you get when working on a hot roof on a sunny day and then a cloud covers the sun? Our ShingleShade can give you that feeling all day. The ShingleShade allows for a lightweight white tarp to be placed over the roofing area so work can continue in the shade, keeping the heat down and your workers working. Even a couple more work hours per day can make a big difference to your bottom line.