Post/Wall Stabilizer


Our Post Stabilizer is a handy helper! The head on this 11-foot pole helps to lift and guide posts as you set them in place. With the included changeable head, you can also set 2×4 or 2×6 stud walls.

Ships in 2 boxes.


This Stabilizer has multiple uses.

The first one is to help set post for your post frame buildings.

The post head fits around the post with a bolt to hold it from falling out. The head has teeth on it to keep the post locked on while you are lifting the post into place. The 11-foot pole gives leverage to push the post up, twist it into proper alignment, and a triangle foot with teeth to dig into the ground and help stabilize it. Once the post is secured by traditional means, release the pole tension to let the head slide down, undo the bolt and the head comes free of the post, and you are ready you move to the next one.

The second use is for raising stud walls.

When a wall is built and lifted by hand, workers are different heights, strengths and abilities. Using the Wall Stabilizer gives equal lifting power to everyone. Should the wall become too heavy or a worker needs to adjust, the leg teeth will dig into the subfloor and help stabilize it.

Changing the head to the wall bracket is as easy as removing the pin, switch heads and replace the pin. When your wall is built and sheathed, open the head by pulling the red handle down, slightly lifting the wall, slide the head under it and close the red handle. The 11-foot handle will lay away from the wall. The triangle foot with teeth on it will help stabilize the wall. When the wall is up and secured with standard procedures, the rope on the red handle is pulled and it opens the throat so the tool will come off the top of the wall easily.

The wall bracket is reversible- by removing the pin in the silver arm, turning the square bracket around and replacing the pin, this allows use for 2×4 or 2×6 studded walls.